Cloe Webb

When did you realize that you’re transgender?
In 1991, after a half-hearted and non-productive search for the rumoured "Bond transexual", I saw Caroline Cossey's Interview with Phil Donahue, but only in part. What followed was a torrid search for all the information I could about her and this crazy idea that a man could actually be a beautiful woman. The deep dive into my own estate led to the self realization that I myself was transexual. What I did from there is another story.

Who inspires you?
My parents. Traditional as they may be, they found it in their hearts to accept me for who I am. Dad inspired each of his children with the Virginia Tech motto "Ut Prosim", That I May Serve. Oddly enough, all but only his trans daughter went to VT and eventually I received a graduate degree at the University of Virginia. Sorry dad. Mom was always the doting and supportive wife and mother and deeply convicted in her faith. One that is/was incredibly strong through her own parents, siblings and children. One that I share, but now with an eyes wide open view of humanity and all the incredible flavors in which it is manifest.

How do you give back to your community?
By living my life and gender journey as openly as I see reasonable, necessary and acceptable I hope to inspire others to take that step they fear most. I also manage a team of ambassadors for a transgender support website. Using a "pay it forward" philosophy I'm blessed to have come to know so many beautiful souls and watch them bloom and move on to some of their very own positions in giving back to the transgender community.

Why did you join the Vanity Club?
I had come to know a good number of Vanity Club members through my own struggle to develop a support network in the DC area and was inspired by their efforts to give back to the community. As time went on I became aware of the involvement of other members in many of the conferences we know and enjoy today. Their selfless acts in using their talents and passions to build up the community gave me a sense of connection through my own efforts. I felt I was already a sister in spirit and wanted to share this part of our journies.