Michelle Backhouse

"Be the change - Lead by example" - Anonymous
What has been your personal struggle with becoming you?
When I took the time to look back at your life, I saw all the small clues that indicated I was “different”. I know understand I’m bigender; having both a masculine and a feminine sense of self. As I get older, coming to grips with the fact I’ve had to stifle, hide a very important part of myself, I’ve stepped out of the shadows and express my long hidden self freely, mostly at work, and gained fare more confidence as a total human being in the process.

What's the most important thing the world should know about you?
I’m in what might be considered an interesting situation, whereby I’m Michelle at work, exclusively since late 2020, but still my masculine self at home. There is though a growing creep of my feminine self into my total life with my long hair, hair free body, pierced ears and diminished dark facial hair thanks to laser treatment. If the question was asked, if I had to live with only one expression, I’d say it would be my feminine self.

What change do you want to make in the world?
As a Positive Space Ambassador and facilitator, member of the Defence Team Pride Advisory Organization within the Canadian Armed Forces, I’m in a position to educate anyone and everyone of the Defence Team. “Be the change, lead by example” is my personal motto. I’m not afraid to share my story with anyone, no question is off limits. I’ve seen so many other suffer the indignation of stupid questions. I don’t want to see that happen to anyone else. I’ll take those questions for them.

What does the Vanity Club mean to you?
Unfortunately I have not yet been able to attend any VC functions, but hope remains eternal; maybe next year. :)