DeeDee 'Dee' Allen

""Always remember to be true to yourself"" - DeeDee Allen
What advice would you give to someone beginning their journey?
One of the most important things I've found out in life is to learn to love myself. I had much shame and guilt growing up. I suggest finding a licensed therapist to talk to. The one I found changed my whole outlook on life and myself. I love who I am now.

What are your passions?
I enjoy music and concerts. Music has given me many memories. Being a person that grew up in the 60's, I heard many bands live. I experienced the British invasion and the unique music from the west coast to the Motown Sound from Detroit. I consider myself blessed to have witnessed this. This is nothing like getting out and enjoying nature. Navigating the waterways has always been a passion. I also love my animals. They are like my children

How do you want to be remembered?
I hope I will be remembered as a person that put a smile on your face.

How did you hear about the Vanity Club?
In the late 90's Roxy DuMonde had a website called The Cream Girls. A large part of the Cream Girls were members of The Vanity Club. That is the first time I found out about The Vanity Club and figured there was no way I would ever become a member. My dream did come true, at least, this time.

What do you enjoy most about the Vanity Club?
This is an easy question, the friendships I have found. Just about anywhere in the world I go, there will be a member I can count on.