Julie Graham

What are your hobbies and interests?
One reason to not be full time is my involvement in the equine industry. As a family, we show horses across the Midwest, and have for 35 years. We keep the horses at home, and I am out there daily to feed and clean stalls (a never-ending job). But it is rewarding to enter the barn and be greeted with nickers and happy horse faces.

What inspired you to join the Vanity Club?
Discovering the Internet and knowing I wasn't alone in this journey led me to read more about gender and not just "she-males" and drag queens. I found the VC website, and realized that this was a group sharing my interests and not fetish-oriented. I "stalked" the club for some time, looking at bios and the pictures of the members, and finally got the courage to apply (back then you did not need a reference.) I wasn't accepted the first time, probably because my photo skills were iffy so didn't present myself as best as possible, so I had the opportunity to visit a boutique in Chicago for a professional make-over and photo. I re-applied and this time was accepted - and have been a member now for 20+ years.