Lisa Lane

When did you realize that you’re transgender?
The clarity of hindsight makes one realise that an early preference for gentle pleasures and an aversion to macho sports must surely have been portents of things to come.  From first pubescent sexual stirrings to tactile attraction of female clothing, this T-girl's early flowering was of the everyday garden variety and, if you've read one such story of furtive closeted teenage years, you've read them all.  I suppose one thing which makes this odyssey stand out, if at all, is that I have always been completely content with the way I came out the factory - no purges or sudden resolves to suppress my femme side.  I have long since accepted that gender is a continuum rather than a binary state; that I am placed somewhere in the middle of this spectrum; that I am totally at my comfort level; and, because I am a part-time girl, quite content with all my appendages.

What do you like to do for fun?
I enjoy travel, theatre trips, dining out and dancing in congenial settings with other sophisticated, interesting, gender-gifted T-girls.

Why is living authentically important?
Reviewing my images, I'm sure it comes as little surprise to read that I love glitz, glamour and classy, elegant style.  I believe that, to be truly passable, it is generally necessary to dress in a very subdued manner in order to blend in with the crowd.  Being an unrepentant show-off and lover of high fashion, the cost of being invisible is just too high a price to pay.  As a consequence, I will always attract scrutiny, although recently, I have begun to question the belief that this necessarily implies that I will always be immediately "read".  I adore suede, leather and furs.  My primary T pursuit is enjoying life, having fun and being true to myself and all the wonderful trans girls I've met over the years.

How did you hear about the Vanity Club?
Many years ago, the gilded cage at home became rather constricting and I began to experience a certain isolation and need for peer interaction.  So, on the spur of the moment, I wrote to a Vanity Girl.  The year following became a veritable whirlwind of revelation.  The Club accepted me into its ranks and I began to venture beyond the four walls.  There was the Texas-T in early Spring; the Be-All in Summer and the Southern Comfort in Fall.  I then began to explore the wonderfully vibrant gendered world right here on my very own doorstep in downtown Toronto.  I especially enjoy the companionship of Xpressions, a fun-loving Canadian T Club. Also, the annual Keystone conference held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a magical event not to be missed.

What does the Vanity Club mean to you?
The Vanity Club comprises the most wonderful, caring, beautiful girls in the World. They are a unique force for good in the gender community and, indeed, in the entire broader World.