Welcome Back

"I have insecurities of course but I don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me" - Adele
We've missed you!

All former Vanity Club members can reapply for membership by contacting the current Vanity Club President at President@VanityClub.org. In your email, please state:
  • Your request to rejoin the Vanity Club
  • Your VC Number
  • Restatement of why you left the group
  • Your reason for wanting to rejoin
  • A recent portrait photo
Your request will be reviewed by the President and Membership Chair. They may send a questionaire requesting additional information to verify your identity, especially if your absense has been prolonged. Once verified, the President will refer your request to the House of Ladies who review all applications for reinstatement. The House of Ladies will make a recommendation to the President to either reinstate or not. Ultimately, the President has final authority on whether or not to reinstate.

You are also permitted to reach out to other active members, especially your big sister or little sister(s), who may write a letter of reference on your behalf. Please have the active members send those letters directly to the President. Depending upon the conditions of your departure, the process should take 2-4 weeks.