Joanna Keller

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Bernard M. Baruch
What advice would you give to someone beginning their journey?
Follow your heart, take baby steps. This is a long journey and not a short distance race. You will hit obstacles but always believe you will conquer them. In the end it will be worth all the feelings you have felt along your journey to be YOU!

What are your passions?
This woman is very involved in LGBTQ+ issues in Virginia both locally and statewide. I strive to help anyone who needs guidance to be safe, be who they are, help in transitioning be it medically, psychologically and outward with fashion and makeup. I freely give lectures and given articles to radio, TV and print publications to help others learn of the journey of transitioning.

How did you hear about the Vanity Club?
I had the good fortune to chat with and meet in person Cloe who is a member of the Vanity Club, She told me about the organization and all the community programs and sisterhood that is the Vanity Club. Due to Covid my chance to join was put on hold. Then another friend Dani asked if I would be interested in joining in 2022, I met so many wonderful women at the Keystone event and knew I wanted to be part of this wonderful organization.