Annie Smith

"Now is the best time, in the history of the world, to be Transgender. " - Anonymous
When did you realize that you’re transgender?
I realized at an early age I was different, however in the mid 1960's I didn't even have a word for what I was. I knew that I couldn't talk to anyone about my situation. I also assumed my divorced, Italian Catholic mother wouldn't understand either. I decided the only recourse was to engage in hyper-masculine activities hoping somehow this feeling would go away. I engaged in sports including High School and College Football, began riding a motorcycles and eventually became a US Marine Infantry and Reconnaissance Officer. I resigned my commission in fear that my condition may be exposed. After 30 years in Sales I finally cane out at work and during 4 different reunions. Icurrently live fulltime as a Transgender woman in a rural town in GA.

What are your passions?
My time as a US Marine Officer changed my life. I love this country and the Constitution and the rights every American is promised. Although I have fears, I have learned to overcome fears, challenges and obstacles. I want others to observe my actions, success and as a pathway for them to follow and eventually become leaders themselves. I take the passions of leadership and service seriously because people's lives are at stake whether it be in the military, business or with personal situations. Both Veterans and the LGBT community have high rates of suicide so I strive to show others you can succeed despite any obstacle or challenge they may face..

What Are Your Interests?