Being Authentic

"Tremendous amounts of talent are being lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt." - Shirley Chisholm
"Follow Your Rhythm"
Remember everyday to follow your own rhythm,
Be honest with yourself about that which you keep hidden.
Express your innate beauty in the way it feels most natural,
For it is your true beauty that is truly admirable.
Live a life that aligns with your true beliefs,
Not one that pleases the elites.
Don't conform just to conform,
Do things because you choose to; from that you will transform.
Choice is a gift that we were all given,
Embrace that gift and you can live your vision.
Find the worth that already exists within you,
For no external gain will ever give that to you.
You have deep within a special flow,
Follow that flow and you will glow.
Find your true nature by listening to your heart,
Live a life true to yourself and become living art.

Your authentic self goes beyond what you do for a living, what possessions you own, or who you are to someone else be it parent, sibling or even a friend--it is who you are at your deepest core. When your life aligns with your feelings you are being true to your authentic self. Being authentic begins with being honest with yourself about what you really think and feel.

Finding the truth that begins your journey can be difficult and even scary. Where do I start? Who will accept me? The sisters of the Vanity Club can help you become the best version of yourself. They are here to support you along your path and offer sisterly advice and support when you need it. Your sisters will see you and love you for who you truly are and encourage you to be your best authentic self.

Personal Testimony from Members
As a transwomen, I grew up feeling bad about myself--like I was some kind of freak. Being a part of the Vanity Club makes the woman inside me feel good about herself. The group provides a forum to talk to people who understand me, who I can relate, who have been on the same journey as I have undertaken and who can help guide you on the road ahead.
- Carolyn L. (Illinois, United States)
The Vanity Club's existence helped Stephanie realize her own need to exist. The ladies of the Vanity Club - and their courage of defining and expressing themselves - showed me the direction and model for defining and expressing myself.
- Stephanie J. (California, United States)
VC sisters form an exceptional community of gifted and talented people who are true to themselves. They taught me the deep value of accepting who you are and to honor this acceptance.
- Iben A. (Oslo, Norway)
With my sisters support, I've had public and family experiences that seemed otherwise impossible. These have been dreams come true.
- Nora S.